HAITIAN REFUGEES RESILIENCE FUND Refugees that have entered at the border face the daily threat of being detained or deported which could cause family separation. They are also hit hardest by job loss and some face homelessness, while their immigration cases are in limbo. We are focusing on the needs of four groups of undocumented immigrants: 

  1. Temporary Protective Status (TPS) holders have been hit hard by the economic downturn. Many have lost work, and some are high-risk essential workers struggling to take care of families.
  2. Special Immigrant Juvenile Status (SIJS) recipients are youth under 21 who are here without parents. Those nearing age 21 risk missing immigration deadlines. 
  3. Domestic Violence Survivors who qualify for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) & U-Visas. We provide remote advocacy and support spaces via video conference. Calls to the Domestic Violence Hotlines went up 30% during the lockdown period.
  4. Asylum Seekers that crossed the southern border after taking the treacherous route from South and Central America. They face removal proceedings and live in fear of deportation; While their cases drag, some were subject to E-Carceration and forced to wear electronic ankle monitors, essentially shackles and some still are under surveillance through telephone apps. 
  • End Child & Family Detention: Stop the detention and separation of families!
  • Providing Know Your Rights info to update our members of their rights and risks & services and policy changes that impacts their lives, and counters immigration fraud.
  • Stop E-Carceration: Stop the discriminatory use of electronic ankle monitors and facial recognition phone apps on refugees and asylum seekers. “Remove the Shackles”
  • TPS to Residency: Protecting TPS  through litigation and organizing and advocacy work towards a permanent solution. Pass legislation for Permanent Residency for all TPS holders.
  • Language Justice for GBV Survivors – A fight for gender & culturally competent interpreters

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