Update on Haiti Relief

MUDHA, our partner organization in the Dominican Republic, has established teams in Haiti since early last week. 25 doctors and nurses, 50 student volunteers, MUDHA staff, and volunteers from Red Cross Haiti have been treating hundreds of people with medical needs in Martissant (P-au-P), Carrefour, Leogane, Ti Goave, and Grand Goave.  They have had to do amputations, wound treatments, and stabilize grave injuries.Humanitarian organizations entering Haiti from the Dominican Republic are now restricted to two windows of time each day. All convoys require a military escort vehicle.

Reportedly, food aid has been held in industrial warehouses and is often not reaching quake survivors.

Women are experiencing high rates of yeast infections and other vaginal infections. There is a dire need for treatment creams. Medications for eye infections are  also urgently needed.

HWHR volunteers will arrive in the Dominican Republic on Tuesday, January 26. We will be accepting urgent donations until Monday evening. Collections will continue at our  drop-off locations in preparation for future trips. Please see the flyer above.