Post 2010 Earthquake

MUDHA: Empowering Women in Haiti

Earthquake Refugees Still in Limbo

The Daily News interviewed Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees’ Executive Director Ninaj Raoul, on the difficulties faced by earthquake refugees in the US on Visitor’s Visas. To read more about how earthquake refugees are affected by the current immigration policies, view our latest newsletter.





Building A Safe Space for Women in Haiti

Asosiyasyon FanmConstruction is nearly finished on the buildings for the Asosiyasyon Fanm pou Devlopman Kominote (Womens Center for Community Development.) The center is a safe place for local women’s groups to gather, exchange ideas, learn from each other, and provide various health and economic empowerment trainings for women. It will also provide shelter to 35 women and children. Residents will be able to live in an environment that supports their ambitions to go to school, learn new skills, and resist exploitation.