Mocha Moms Fundraiser To Benefit HWHR

Thank You to Everyone who contributed to the Mocha Moms Fundraiser on April 19th!!!

Sometimes the greatest heroes are the lesser known. 

Tuesday evening around 30 mothers and their small children gathered in a tiny room in the basement of the Macon Branch library. All of the women had three things in common: They were women of African descent, they were married, and they were all stay-at-home moms.

They were a part of a women’s support group called “Mocha Moms,” and they were holding a small fundraiser for young girls in Haiti who were still reeling from the earthquake.

“Last year, we held a fundraiser to benefit Haitian refugees right after the earthquake. But we decided to do it again this year, because the situation in Haiti hasn’t improved enough for us,” said Eisa Ulen Richardson, co-president of Brooklyn Mocha Moms.

“There are still women and girls who are living in camps or who are homeless. They need things like rape whistles and flashlights, so that they can feel safer in these camps.”

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