Donate Items for Haiti

We are still collecting donations for Haiti

Get together with your family, neighbors, friends, or co-workers to make a difference by collecting urgently needed items for MUDHA’s Women’s Community Development Center in Leogane.

To learn more about the kind of work that is being done at the Center,  read Beverly Bell’s  interview with MUDHA organizer Marisol Baez.

We are collecting the following items:                   Soap and toothpaste & tooth brushes                         Baby diapers in all sizes                                             Brand new boys’ and girls’ underwear and new adult underwear in small sizes (Small & Medium only)            Flashlights and LED lantern                                              AA and AAA batteries                                                    Safety whistles                                                                                                  Jewelry-making supplies

School supplies (Care packages including backpacks, notebooks, pens and pencils, markers, etc.) will be collected on an ongoing basis.